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Application of roof windows

Standard projects

Windows mounted in the roof of a building are a standard and very popular solution used in modern buidling construction. Roof windows provide light to the interior, provide a view to the outside and allow ventilation throughout the loft. No matter what the type of the loft and what ever customer requirements, every room in the loft can be fitted with a suitable type of roof window from FAKRO. Their versatility and ease of installation contributes to widespread use in housing construction.

Typowe realizacje Typowe realizacje

Non-standard solutions

Many investors and architects are on a constant search for originality and individual style. Their visions go beyond standard solutions. Roof windows perfectly fulfill their functions in individual concepts, becoming a thematic solution used in a number of architectural styles. Roof windows are incoprated in the most exquisite architectual visions. 

Niestandardowe rozwiązania Niestandardowe rozwiązania

Architecture is a living and breathing phenominon, looking for new solutions and new ideas. Roof windows support the development of original ideas. Different shapes and sizes or bespoke combinations can be employed by a variety of architectural concepts. Roof windows can create a unique mood for natural lighting when the buiding is effectively designed.

Architektura Architektura

The architecture exploits and transforms unused space into a place for comfortable life. It often happens that the old, forgotten industrial buildings undergo revitalization. With the use of roof windows, in these industrial halls, there are created climatic apartments or public utility buildings. Thus, roof windows are implement in the concepts of revitalization of buildings.