Roller blind ARP, ARP Z-Wave

Roller blind ARP, ARP Z-Wave

Decorate your interior...

The ARP roller blind provides protection against sunlight, pleasantly shading the interior during sunny days. When pulled down, ARP covers dazzling sunlight. The blind can be an additional decor of the attic as well.

The wide range of colours and patterns of the bllind’s fabric enhances the interior’s aesthetics and allows you to match with the decor of any room. Side aluminium guides cover the edge of the fabric and additionally limit the amount of the incoming sunlight.



  • gradual reduction of the incoming sunlight,
  • wide range of colours to satisfy individual needs,
  • partial protection against heat from the sun*
  • possibility to lock the blind in any position,
  • protection against UV radiation,
  • provides complete privacy by covering the window.



  • ARP manually controlled. ZST rod enables operation of ARP installed high up in the roof,
  • ARP-E controlled by switch or remote control, powered by 24V DC.

Operating ARP-E in standard version is possible only with the window closed. 


*protection from high temperatures is provided by external awning blind

Group I

Roller blind ARP, ARP Z-Wave I

Group II

Roller blind ARP, ARP Z-Wave II