Flat Roof Gable System EFR


Dwuspadowy System Płaskich Dachów EFRThe EFR flat roof gable system is a new proposal in the FAKRO product range.
This system combines roof windows with a prefabricated roof gable structure
without loosing the flat roof aesthetics. The EFR is delivered to the customer as a complete solution, including wooden, thermally insulated kerb and complete set of flashings. The EFR flat roof gable is similar to EFW flat roof, but a much more advanced system. It is an aesthetic and highly effective solution to illuminate the rooms in buildings with lowangle roofs. Its design allows for the installation of wooden FT ..., aluminiumplastic PT ... and standard windows and makes it possible to install all the internal and external accessories. The basic version of the EFR system is offered for window widths of 78 and 114 cm in B2/2 combination.

The standard height of the windows for this system is 118 cm. The basic distance between adjacent windows is 40mm. The EFR flat roof gable system can be used on roofs with pitches between 0º
and 15º.


Constituents of the System

The EFR flat roof gable system consists of wooden kerb made of 12mm thick waterproof boards, insulated with 100mm thick EPS panels. From the inside the kerb walls are finished with plywood, which can be covered with the finishing lining. The universal carpentry joints and support trimmers of the structure are included. After installing the wooden kerb, it should be properly sealed and fixed the the existing roof covering.




EFR flat roof gable system -vertical and horizontal cross-section with Electro windows

1 — Wooden kerb with insulation- side elements
2 — Wooden kerb with insulation-front elements
3 — Top joining beam
4 — Supporting, finishing rafter
5 — Finishing slatSchemat Dwuspadowego Systemu Płaskich Dachów EFR
6 — Top covering flashing
7 — Joining guttersFlat Roof Gable System EFR

8 — Side flashing element
9 — Front flashing element
10 — Permeable roofing membrane
11 — Duct for cables