Flashings for L shaped Combination Windows EUN/B, EUV/B, EUV-L/B


Kołnierze do zespolenia kolankowego EUN/B, EUV/B, EUV-L/BThe flashings EU_/B are intended to be used only with new series of L-shaped
B_L windows. The flashings enable a tight connection of any type of roof window with the window installed in a vertical wall.

The flashings are available in three different depths of window installation into the roof structure:

  • N(+3 cm),V(0)
  • J( -3 cm)-to individual order.

A standard depth of roof window installation with the use of flashing is depth V- version EUV/B. EUV/B is a universal type of flashing and enables roof window installation into various types of roofing materials, whereas EUV-L/B flashing is used to install window into slate roofing coverings (2 layers x 5 mm ). The flashing EU_/B as a standard is designed to be installed in single L-shaped combination but is available in repeated modules enabling L-shaped horizontal
combinations as well. L-shaped flashing type is chosen on the basis of the roof window’s dimensions.

The depths of flashings installation according to the roof pitches:
— depths “V”, “N” for pitches between 15° and 55°
— depth “ J “ for pitches between 30° and 55°


Constituents of the Flashing

The EU flashing for L shaped windows is made up of flashing which seals it to the roof window, elements joining the roof window to the vertical window, elements masking the vertical window as well as coating for parts of the eaves of a length 120 cm.


Schemat kołnierza do zespolenia kolankowego EUN/B, EUV/B, EUV-L/B

Horizontal and vertical cross-section of the flashing EUV/B

1 – flashing for the roof window (without bottom element)
2 – element connecting two windows
3 – aluminium overlay
4 – insulating wool tape
5 – side guttering in the eaves
6 – wind flap
7 – covering profile