Wysoka energo-oszczędność

High energy-efficiency

With buildings being designed to provide the lowest possible operating costs, the FAKRO range includes many highly energy-efficient products such as the FTP-V U5, FTT U6 and FTT U8 Thermo, with U-values as low as 0.58W/m2K. The FTT U8 Thermo is the most energy -efficient roof window in the world and is used in conjunction with the specially designed EHV-AT Thermo flashing.


Heat, like a treasure, needs to be protected!


The XDK Kit a highly effective way to ensure that the gap around a roof window is insulated effectively.



High energy-efficiencyThe FAKRO approach to energy efficiency does not stop at providing roof windows with good U-values. It also involves the provision of special packages of insulation flashings, and ’ warm’ Thermo flashings with additional insulation. FAKRO offers solutions which guarantee savings on heating costs.





   Sustainable energy balance