Z-Wave roof windows

Z-Wave roof windows

The new  Z-Wave roof window ensures maximum comfort of living in the loft. It constitutes an important and integral element of any intelligent house in the wireless Z-Wave system.

The centre pivot roof windows are factory-equipped with devices which enable its opening and closing as well as accessory operating with the use of a remote control. The windows can be operated from any place inside the room. The Z-Wave windows are particularly recommended for rooms where windows are installed high above users’ heads, thus making it difficult to access them directly. It makes these windows a perfect element to be included in non-standard architectural projects providing numerous interior design options. FTP-V Z-Wave window is made of wood in natural colour, can be applied to all rooms in the attic.

The FTU-V Z-Wave roof window is a wooden structure in white, triple coated with acrylic lacquer ensuring a durable and perfectly smooth finish of window profiles. It is recommended for rooms with periodically increased humidity levels such as kitchens or bathrooms.

Z-Wave roof windows

The motor with a reach of 24cm enables opening and closing the sash. In the event of power failure, window installation or the need for washing the external pane, it can be also opened and closed manually. To achieve this, it is necessary to rotate the handle through 90 degrees which disconnects the motor from the sash.


Z-Wave roof windowsAn intelligent rain sensor, automatically initiates the closing function in case of rain. The sensor provides safe use of the loft space regardless of the weather. The window features a complete wiring system. All it requires is the connection of a single cable to 230V mains. The whole integrated window control system (power supply unit and motors) is contained under an aesthetic aluminium cover fitted in the lower part of the sash.


Z-Wave roof windowsThe window is equipped with 12V contacts enabling easy installation of electrical accessories: ARF Z- Wave blackout blind, ARP Z-Wave roller blind or AJP Z-Wave Venetian blind as well as ARZ Z-Wave external roller shutters. These accessories are operated with the use of the same remote control. The whole wiring system in this window has been fitted in such a way that it remains invisible to the user.


The FTP-V Z-Wave roof window, apart from the integrated electric system, is manufactured in the same way as any other standard FTP-V centre pivot roof window. It offers the facility of an automatic air inlet V40P, which provides a constant inflow of the optimum amount of air into the room. It is manufactured utilising the structure reinforcement system topSafe, which ensures increased burglary-resistance.

Installation of the window is identical to standard FAKRO centre pivot roof windows.