Flashings for Slate Roof Coverings ELV, ELJ


Flashings for Slate Roof Coverings ELV, ELJ

The EL flashing is ideal for fitting windows within slated roofs coverings up to
10mm (2 x 5mm) thickness. It is applied as standard to individual windows in the slope of the roof.

A series of window units may also be combined:

  • for V depth in vertical, horizontal and block groups
  • for J depth horizontal combination only.

This flashing is available in two different types allowing windows to be installed at two different depths in the roof construction V (0) and J (-3cm).
The standard installation of windows with the application of flashing EL is V–
version ELV.

Can be used in roofs with pitches:

  • from 15° to 90° for depths N and V,
  • from 20° to 90° for depth J.


Constituents of the Flashing

This flashing is made up of lower, upper and side elements, the dimensions of which are dependent on the window height. The side elements of the flashing are laid alternately with the roof covering. The lower element has a plastic mat glued to the underside thus allowing the flashing to adhere to the roof covering for a neat fit. A gutter installed above the window allows condensation todrain away.Vertical and horizontal elements with ELV flashing


Vertical and horizontal elements with ELV flashing

1 — top part of the flashing
2 — bottom part of the flashing
3 — side parts
4 — gutter