Nowości produktowe FAKRO

New products

Flat Access Roof Lights DRC, DRF

The insulated access roof lights DR_ are new products expanding the range of FAKRO solutions for flat roofs. In addition to illumination function, they have an extra utility feature providing safe and convenient access to the flat roof.

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FX_ non-opening window for vertical combinations

The FX_ is a non-opening window installed only under standard roof window. It is designed for vertical combinations and constitutes an additional element increasing field of view and providing abundance of natural light inside the room.

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Dormer EDD

The ED_ prefabricated dormer means new opportunities in the development of attics using FAKRO roof windows. The dormer installed in the pitched roof increases usable area of the room and provides perfect illumination of the interior with natural light.

The DXW flat roof window ensures you can walk across its surface freely

Modern materials and changing technology in the construction industry allow to erect buildings with flat roofs. It often happens in this type of architecture that inside the building there are rooms where it is not possible to install standard roof windows. Each room should offer a source of natural light to make the user feel comfortable. Ideal solution in such cases is installation of specially designed products for flat roofs.

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Flat roof windows type C and type F

Flat Roof Windows illuminate the interior of buildings with natural light; allow airing of the room and provide excellent thermal insulation properties. The window can be specified with the highly energy efficient glazing unit U6 (Ug = 0.5 W/m2K) or U8 (Ug = 0.3 W/m2K), which enhances the energy performance of the whole building.

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Awning Blinds AMZ Solar for Roof Windows, VMZ Solar for Vertical Windows

The Solar Awning Blind is an innovative product equipped with an intelligent auto-run system which activates depending on the level of insolation. A photovoltaic sensor combined with the special electronic system reacts to solar radiation.

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LWT Loft Ladder

The highly energy-efficient loft ladder LWT is recommended for energy-efficient construction which places great emphasis on the reduction of heat loss. This product is ideal for installation in areas where large temperature differences occur between the habitable loft rooms and non-habitable attic space.
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Electric awning blind AMZ

Electric awning blind is an appropriate combination of effective protection from heat and comfort of use. Due to the fact that the awning blind absorbs solar radiation before it reaches the glazing and emits the heat to the outside of the room, it constitutes much better protection from tiresome heat in the sunny days than internal accessories.