Motors ZWS12, ZWS230

Power supply units ZWS12, ZWS230

The ZWS12 and ZW230 chain motors thanks to their small dimensions and suitable force output are ideal for roof window operating, being fully compatible with the Z-Wave system. The motors can be applied in both centre pivot and top hung and pivot roof windows as well as windows of non-standard dimensions. The maximum chain reach is 24cm for ZWS12 and 36cm for ZW230. The motors are equipped with built-in overload protection which acts as a sensor of correct window closing.


 ZWS12 ZWS230
 ZWS12  ZWS230


Technical parameters: ZWS12  ZWS230
chain reach 240mm 360mm
power voltage 15V DC 230V AC
rated current 0,36A 0,12A
power output 9W 15W
chain pushing force 200N 200N
chain stroke rate 4,25mm/s 9,7mm/s
working temperature (-9°C) do (+50°C) (-9°C) do (+50°C)
power cable 2x0,75mm2 (0,4mb) 3x0,75mm2 (1,5mb)






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