Dużo naturalnego światła

Ample natural light

Ample natural light

Design of FAKRO roof windows provides appropriate illumination of room within the loft space. Specially shaped profiles of the frame and sash as well as air inlet location in the upper part of the frame allows for the influx of high amount of natural light.
FAKRO proSky roof windows offer extended height thereby ensuring superior room illumination and effective light distribution. The higher the window is installed, the better the room lighting and with the handle in the bottom of the sash, the window can be installed correspondingly higher.The recommended installation height for a roof window’s top edge in accordance with DIN 5034-1 is 220cm above floor level.

Optimise the effects of natural daylight and sunlight for the best living environment.

Klamka jest zawsze w zasięgu ręki

 The operating handle in the bottom part of the sash is always within easy reach.


With the handle in the bottom of the sash, even a tall person can stand comfortably by an open window, even a centre pivot one. FAKRO proSky windows, which offer the tallest heights on the market, offer extended height and a raised pivot point which guarantee an unobstructed field of view.




 High energy-efficiency