Installation accessories

Insulating Set XDP

Insulating Set XDPCharacteristics

  • Ensures easy and proper connection between roofing membrane and window

  • Protects insulation material from dampness around the window

  • Does not require removing battens or cutting counter-battens

  • Possibility of application to all roof window sizes – also non-standard

  • Protects insulation against moisture forming on metal cladding as a result of penetration through leaks in lining and vapour barrier

  • Sheep wool blocks and tress thanks to their elasticity perfectly fill all cavities

  • Insulation material provides many insulation options depending on installation method


The XDP insulation set is used for quick and tight fitting vapour permeable or vapour barrier insulation around any window. It consists of an air-permeable underfelt collar for connecting the window with roofing membrane used in the roof structure. The collar is made of a premium quality high vapour permeable EUROTOP roofing membrane. Sides of the flashing are made in such a way so that they enable laying the collar directly onto battens, regardless of the spacing between them or their thickness. Insulation material in the XDP insulation set is made of natural sheep wool which has been specially impregnated and consists of: sheep wool blocks 150x50mm and 70x50mm in section, sheep wool tress ø 50mm in diameter.
The sheep wool insulating material offers the optimum density and high elasticity, ensuring perfect insulation and tightness around the window. Every window requires selecting a specific size of the XDP set.

flashings XDK

FAKRO extensive product range comprisis also a set of insulating flashings XDK.
This set consists of:

  • insulation set XDP
  • air-tight flashing XDS

The set allows correct, fast and easy installation and insulation of FAKRO roof windows.