Characteristic roofing membranes

Characteristic roofing membranes

A roofing membrane acts as an initial roofing layer. It improves tightness of the roof, protects insulation against moisture and constitutes an important element of insulation systems used in pitched roofs. Application of the EUROTOP roofing membrane in the roof structure brings many advantages.

Energy efficiency

Roofing membranes do not require any air gaps between themselves and insulation. Insulation shifted towards membrane
allows for thicker insulating layer of the roof along the whole rafter height which improves roof lagging and ensures energy savings.
High vapour-permeability and watertightness of the EUROTOP membranes guarantee that the insulating material remains
dry and only as such it can ensure high insulating properties. Windproofness and no ventilation gap between insulation and membrane prevents extraction of heat from the insulating material and penetration of moisture contained in the air.

Ease of installation

No need for any ventilation gap above insulation considerably facilitates installation work. Easier membrane installation translates
into time savings, lower costs and reduced risk of workmanship error.

Increased  roof longevity

Thanks to high vapour permeability of membranes, excessive moisture is evaporated from insulation.

Healthy microclimate in the loft

Membranes form a secondary line of protection against rain, snow, moisture and dust which penetrate through the primary roofing.
This gives a guarantee that potential leaks, water from melting snow or condensation are conveyed outside the roof and do not
permeate the insulation layer.

Wide application range

Roofing membranes offered by FAKRO are highly resistant to temperature, thus they can be installed in a number of roof structures, even those covered with metal sheeting.


Wide application rangeThe FAKRO Company offers a wide range of membranes and underlays designed to function as primary roofing and protection of insulation against moisture and dust. In order to retain premium quality of offered products, the FAKRO

Company is continuously verifying the key parameters of underlays and membranes such as:

  • tear resistance
  • nail shank tear resistance
  • watertightness
  • roll length and width
  • basis weight

This guarantees that the product distributed under FAKRO brand always retains its declared technical parameters.




Quality control system


Testing resistance to UV radiation   Testing resistance to tearing
Testing resistance to UV radiation   Testing resistance to tearing