Access roof light WSS, WSZ, WSH

Access roof light WSS, WSZ, WSH

  • Wyłazy dachowe WSS, WSZ, WSH

    Frame is made of pine wood and vacuum impregnated.

  • Roof access window has a handle that helps secure the sash in three positions for ventilation.

  • Suitable for roofs with pitches between 15° and 55°.

  • Easy fitting system on battens.

  • Fitting kit included with the window.

  • 5 year guarantee.

  • Roof access windows are available in three types depending on the type of roofing material:

    • WSS with flashing for flat roofing material,
    • WSZ with flashing for corrugated roofing material,
    • WSH with flashing for high-profiled roofing material.
  • Flashing is an integral part of the roof access window.