Profile w oknach FAKRO

Types of profiles

FAKRO roof windows are of the highest quality and manufactured from the best materials. They are also based on the latest technologies to ensure durability, safety, functionality and exceptional insulation.

Drewno w kolorze naturalnym

The window durability is acquired by using specially selected high quality pinewood, vacuum impregnated and lacquered several times.





Drewno z powłoką poliuretanową

Our wooden windows are coated with polyurethane varnish to create a durable and perfectly smooth surface. This makes them ideal to be installed in rooms with periodically elevated humidity levels (kitchens, bathrooms).




Tworzywo PVC

Other option are aluminium-plastic structure windows with multi-chamber PVC profiles and strengthened from the inside with galvanized steel. The plastic used in the window does not absorb moisture and the window itself is durable and corrosion free. As such, they are intended to be installed in rooms where elevated humidity levels are maintained for a long time (bathrooms, laundries). Externally, the window is covered with pressed profiles from aluminium sheet coated with modified grey-brown polyester resistant to weather conditions.





Use of thermo-insulating glass featuring Ug=1,1 W/m2K (EN 673) filled with inert gas helps to keep the heat within the loft.


This specification is achieved by covering the pane with a silver coating which reflects the sun rays. This makes FAKRO roof windows cooler in the summer and warmer during the winter. Applied in the glazing unit, warm TGI spacers reduce thermal-bridging to minimize the condensation of water vapour on the edges of glass and wooden profiles, which greatly increases the durability of wood.



Niemiecki certyfikat TÜVFAKRO roof windows were the first on the market to be TÜV certified.


We are sure of the QUALITY that’s why we offer a long-term warranty.

Types of profiles