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Internal accessories ARF/D, ARF/D Z-Wave roller shutter

Control of light - ARF/D, ARF/D Z-Wave

Accessories enable you to regulate the amount and intensity of light entering the room. As a result you can achieve shading or complete darkness even on a sunny day. Intense sunlight is limited, whereas you can enjoy pleasant light scattering in the room. Accessories additionally protect eyes from harmful effects of reflections, especially uncomfortable when working on the computer.


Internal decoration - ARF/D, ARF/D Z-Wave

Any room under the flat roof can also be decorated by the use of internal blinds. The wide range of their types and colours ensures harmony with the decor of any interior and offers the possibility of creating all kinds of atmosphere in the loft.


Protection from UV rays - ARF/D, ARF/D Z-Wave

Internal and external accessories reduce penetration of UV radiation into the room. They greatly contribute to protection of materials and furniture placed in the room from fading and yellowing.

Internal roller shutter protects against intense sunlight and enhances interior design. As a result you can achieve pleasant darkness for bedrooms when you want to rest. Guides allow you to stop the roller shutter at any point, hence you can achieve gradual reduction of incoming light up to blackout.


Roller shutters are designed for both type F and type C flat roof windows

  • ARF/D – operated manually by means of ZSD control rod.
  • ARF/D Z-Wave – operated in wireless Z-Wave system. Powered by the mains and controlled by means of a remote control or wall switch. When installing the ARF/D Z-Wave roller shutters in the DM_, DX_ windows it is necessary to purchase power supply and controller.




  • Gradual reduction of incoming light up to blackout
  • Possibility to lock the blind in any position thanks to the side guides
  • Elegant aluminium fascia hiding the roller
  • Protection against heat from the sun
  • Reduction of heat loss from the room in winter
  • Resistant to dampness


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