EBV-P Flashing for Steel Panel Sheet


EBV-P Flashing for Steel Panel SheetEBV-P flashing enables tight connection of a roof window with the roofing material such as steel panel sheet - with prefabricated (system) joints. Specially prepared elements of the EBV-P flashing allow quick fitting and aesthetically pleasing finish around the roof window. The need to perform complicated and time-consuming metal working around the roof window has been removed. The window installed at the installation depth “V” does not protrude significantly beyond the roof surface which greatly improves the aesthetics of the roof. The flashing for steel panel sheet is available in EBS-P version for smoke ventilation windows and in EBW-P version for side hung escape windows. EBV-P flashing can be used in roofs with pitches 15 – 90° for “V” installation depth.



Constituents of the Flashing

The flashing is made up of four basic elements (lower element, two sides elements and top element). A bottom element of the flashing 165mm with long elastic apron finishing has a plastic mat glued to the underside thus allowing the flashing to adhere to the roof covering for a neat fit. Additionally the flashing is equipped with a weep flap to allow condensation to drain away from the window.


Vertical and horizontal cross-section with EBV-P flashing elements

Vertical and horizontal cross-section with EBV-P flashing elements

1 – top part of the flashing
2 – bottom part of the flashing with lead apron
3 – side parts
4 – gutter