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Flat Access Roof Lights DRC, DRF

The insulated access roof lights DR_ are new products expanding the range of FAKRO solutions for flat roofs. In addition to illumination function, they have an extra utility feature providing safe and convenient access to the flat roof. Special hinges and functional opening system used in the access roof light ensure easy sash opening up to 80°. Gas springs facilitate operation of the sash and keep it stable in the open position, thus protecting against accidental closing. What is more, access roof lights feature increased safety of use thanks to the application of anti-slip covers on their profiles.

The window comes in the following versions:Flat Access Roof Lights DRC, DRF

  • DRC – flat access roof light with the dome equipped with P2 glazing unit featuring excellent insulation parameters. The dome can be transparent D_C-C or opaque D_C-M.
  • DRF – flat access roof light without the dome, equipped with DU6 glazing unit featuring excellent insulation parameters.

Proven design of flat access roof lights ensures a high mechanical parameters. Modern design makes them look the same as standard flat roof windows and both internal and external accessories can be installed in the same way as for flat roof windows.



  • The frame of the flat roof window is manufactured from multi-chamber PVC profiles filled inside with insulation material. With specially designed shape of the profiles, flat roof windows feature up to 16% greater glazed area when compared to solutions of the competition.
  • The type C flat access roof light is intended for roofs with pitches between 0° and 15°, while the type F flat access roof light is designed for installation in roofs with pitches between 2° and 15°.
  • Windows can be set in an additional 15cm high XRD base which allows raising the window, hence makes it suitable for mounting in different roofs such as green ones. It is possible to connect up to two XRD bases.
  • The window design allows installation of both internal and external accessories. External awning blind protects the room from overheating, while internal accessories provide protection from intense sunlight and enhance interior design.
  • Warranty: 10 years for windows.

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