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Special features of FAKRO skylights

The skylight is a new line in the European range of FAKRO products. Dispelling many of the concerns generally held with regards to skylights, it provides enhancements such as the elimination of external condensation, which can cause as much damage as internal condensation. It is a product of modern design, easy to install and has a range of functions.



Three main concerns about skylights:

  • leaking
  • inside condensation
  • installation and warranty


Types of skylights:

Special features of FAKRO skylights


Venting skylight FV

  • quick and easy to install - new installation system, no brackets!
  • triple seal system
  • manual opening and closing mechanism
Special features of FAKRO skylights Fixed skylight FX
  •  suitable for roofs pitched between 15° and 85°
  •  made from pressure treated pine wood
  • wider range of accessories specifically for skylights
Special features of FAKRO skylights

Electrically operated venting skylight FVE

  • integrated electrically controlled system
  • triple seal system
  • remote-operated (as a set)
  • possibility of control by Switch ZKC (keyboard for electric skylights)



FAKRO skylights have twice thicker frame than any other wooden skylight on the market. This allows us to:

  • Eliminate all installation brackets and metal hardware outside the frame
  •  No attachments on the outside frame means it is very easy to attach water-ice shields (blue skin)
  • No metal outside and no condensation – condensation will appear on the water-ice shield and it will vaporize during the day when outside temp rises
  • Water never touches the wooden frame and will not drip on the bottom of the skylight’s corner or behind the drywall
  • Insert the glass much deeper into the frame on a 1.25 inch inner condensation gasket with a special edge, which does not allow condensation water drips on the wooden frame. The customer does not even see the edge of the glass where condensation is most likely to occur
  • Thicker frame, no metal attached – less heat or cold conductivity – better insulation (two-times better)
  • On top of this we have introduced an insulated step flashing   


Why FAKRO can offer a lifetime warranty - facts about FAKRO

  • Protection Against Effects Of Inside Condensation

(No dripping water on frame and drywall)
A very thick, almost twice as thick as other brand skylights, wooden frame and no metal attached to the outside frame
prevent condensation on the inside frame surface. No metal hardware attached to the outside frame minimizes temperature conduction and increases insulation of entire unit. A special wide internal gasket system collects water from glass condensation and drains it outside onto the roof surface. A specially design and formed gasket system prevents dripping water on the wooden frame and drywall. The customer may always add extra insulation to the frame by adding our insulated flashing system.


  • Easy And Simple installation

Installation of a skylight has never been so easy:
- dedicated skylight template, for fast and easy marking of rough opening,
- metal pins (included) to hold the skylight in the center above the rough opening, no moving to sides or sliding down effect!
- just 4 to 6 screws (provided) go through the frame to install the skylight on the roof,
- no attachment brackets on the outside of the frame. Very convenient for water ice-shield application,
- perfect for new construction and retrofit applications (where rough openings are slightly out of square), Thick frame compensates better for retrofit R.O.
- ONE man installation!


  • Factory Finished. No Extra Work Required.

Builders and Homeowners save time and money – knot free, wooden frames on Fakro skylights are already finished. The frames are pressure treated, double painted and protected for many years to come. All the joints are sealed and painted – moisture can not seep into the corners on the inside of the skylight.


  • Let the Light In, Not the Heat

Low emissivity, heat reflecting, double-glazing. Energy Star, NFRC, IGMA, IGCC qualified glazing unit keeps the heat outside during the hot days, and warm air inside during cold days.


  • Leak Proof Skylight

FAKRO skylights, by definition, are leak-proof. When installed according to installation instructions, with an original flashing kit and an ice-water shield membrane, FAKRO warrants a10-YEAR LEAK-PROOF installation.


  • High Thermal Properties

An Energy Star qualified glazing unit, a thicker wooden timber frame, a special perimeter gasket underneath the frame, a double seal system (FV, FVE skylights), a bracket and metal flange-free installation all go together to create a durable and energy efficient skylight. A lack of metal flanges around the skylights frame, reduces accumulation and conductivity of heat or cold into the room, through the frame - roof deck connection point.
A gasket located on the underside of the wooden frame, seals the unit to the roof deck during the installation process.
This gasket protects against leaks and outside condensation. Thermal bridges are minimized and the gasket eliminates cost and time since unit is already sealed between the frame and roof deck. Moreover, use of FAKRO ThermAL flashing further increases the great thermal properties of the skylights. This is important in both cold and hot regions


  • Long Lasting Performance

High quality raw materials, a modern production process, quality control at every stage of assembly, attention to
detail = long lasting, trouble free performance backed up by a FAKRO LIFETIME warranty.


  • Accessories

A wide range of accessories and a variety of colors ensures harmony in any interior, offering endless possibilities to create and decorate.