The FAKRO Fixed skylight FX

Fixed skylight FX


  • Fixed skylight FXThe main purpose of the fixed skylight is to take advantage of natural light. Natural light in homes increases the comfort of living and positively influences health.
  • Low emission heat reflecting double glazing; available in tempered-tempered (Z3) or tempered-laminated (P1) versions.
  • Beautiful, hand selected, vacuum treated, lacquered timber frames.
  • Special perimeter gasket underneath the frame for increased insulation.
  • Internal gasket system protects frame and drywall from condensation.
  • Easy, “bracket free installation system”.
  • UV resistant cladding coated for longer resistance with polyester.
  • Suitable for roof pitches between 15-85°.
  • Better sizing improves ability to install and finish drywall without additional support.