25 Years of FAKRO Innovation


FAKRO – the second largest manufacturer of roof windows and loft ladders in the world celebrates its 25-year presence in the market. The year of 2016 will provide an abundance of attractions dedicated to our partners. The culminating point of our celebrations will be the Conference and Jubilee Gala held in Jachranka near Warsaw between 22-24 January.

The Anniversary celebration will be hosted by well-known TV journalists: Anna Popek and Roman Młodkowski. The program includes inspiring discussions on sales, construction trends and FAKRO strategy. Among the speakers there will be experienced motivational speakers and industry experts such as Jacek Walkiewicz and Herman Konings. The ceremony of the 25th Anniversary of FAKRO will be crowned by awarding statuettes “25th Anniversary Partner”.

“A quarter of a century is a unique Jubilee presenting an opportunity for memories, summaries , and most of all thanks. The Jubilee celebrations pay tribute to our partners who over the years of their hard work, commitment and passion have contributed to the success and current position of FAKRO in the domestic and global market”, commented Janusz Komurkiewicz, Member of the Board of Directors of FAKRO.

The Jubilee promotions and lotteries for dealers and customers of FAKRO will be carried out throughout the year of 2016. The training for distributors and contractors organized in the company will also be distinguished by a dignified nature. On the occasion of the Jubilee a visual identification will be changed as well. All marketing and press materials will have a new graphic design with a logo “25 Years of FAKRO Innovation”.

We invite you to visit our websites and Facebook accounts – you will be with us in the centre of the Jubilee events!